About Maks & Me Candles

Meet the Maker

Hi, I am the founder & Maker of Maks & Me Candles - Natasa Manojlovic.

Our vibe is earthy with a little moodiness. Our scents are inspired by nature, memories and family. Made in house & poured in Wollongong on the NSW south coast of Australia.

Nothing feeds my soul more than working with my hands to create something you will love.

My love for candle making started back in 2012, it was a great escape & truly shifted my mindset from not being able to conceive , it was the ultimate distraction.

Maksim is my greatest achievement & my biggest inspiration .

Imperfect Perfection

I draw inspiration from my home and suburban garden, which acts as the backdrop to my candle photoshoots, where I use recycled materials, fabrics, dried florals and botanical herbs to style and display the candles. Being creative my entire life, I am inspired by my father who can turn a piece of raw material into a work of art. I design with energy and emotions, creating what I feel and reflecting what is inspiring me. The finished result culminates in candles that can truly elevate your space, mood and mindset, and change the tone of your home.


Maks & Me - The Brand

The Inspiration.

The Maks & Me vibe is earthy with a little moodiness. Our scents are inspired by nature, memories and family. Our candles are lovingly handmade and gently poured in small batches, by me (Natasa), on the South Coast in Wollongong, with a purpose and with passion.


Uniquely Yours

The beauty of handmade pieces are their unique markings which highlights and accentuates the maker's signature touch.


Our Ethics

  • Made with Australian made renewable, ethically sourced, natural soy wax flakes.
  • Lead free cotton wicks, to allow for a cleaner burn. 
  • Vegan and cruelty free guaranteed.
  • No nasty chemicals or toxins.
  • Using handcrafted fine fragrance oils enhanced with essential oils made in Australia creating a precious scent profile.
  • A commitment to sustainability with a goal is to leave as little carbon footprint as we can.
  • Our packaging is 100% plastic free, we are so proud of this. We achieve this by using eco-friendly packing fillers, reusing cardboard boxes, newspaper and recycled paper to wrap your candles, along with eco-friendly compostable shipping satchels.


We Believe in Giving

We are a small family business with a big heart and we are so proud of what we've achieved. We love to help others & give back to our community, with 10% of profits donated to charity from every batch made!


Our donations have helped & reached the following;



So far this year:

One Tree Planted

  • We have partnered with ‘One Tree Planted' for every $1 we donate each month, they will plant one tree. We are super excited to be supporting them!
  • We have donated $200 to ‘The Sebastian Foundation’ who help rebuild young Aussie lives.
  • We have donated $1,000 to Bee Kind Like Libby' who are supporting The Libby Ruge Smile Foundation who are changing young people's lives by helping them afford dental rehabilitation in Shellharbour.



Last year we donated: