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If you love surprises and love a bargain then the mystery box is for you.

What’s inside the box ?

Well that’s just it, it’s a SURPRISE !!

What i will tell you is, you will receive my quality small batch made vegan candles in my discontinued

seasonal scents / labels / vessels

$100 each
Receive over $180 worth of my vegan candles ( 6 large 300g)

Product information //

(This doesn’t effect the performance of the candle)

•Minor blemishes,
•Minor scratches
•Minor label creases
•Minor discolouration


Product Information 

  • Lead free double cotton wick
  • Handmade and poured in Australia
  • Non toxic, vegan and cruelty free.
  • Free from phthalates, palm and petroleum oils.
  • Handcrafted fine fragrance oils enhanced with IFRA approved essential oils.

Product specifications

  • Our candles are unboxed and without lids. Instead recycled cardboard dust cover is placed on top as an eco-friendly alternative to reduce unnecessary packaging and waste.

    Handmade and poured in small batches, our natural soy wax candles are Australian made, renewable and ethically sourced, with a lead free cotton wick for healthy and happy breathing.

    Additionally, our candles are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free, free from phthalates, palm and petroleum oils. The beautiful scents come from handcrafted fine fragrance oils enhanced with IFRA approved essential oils. The frosting in our candles is unique and a natural effect that occurs in organic soy wax as a result of soy wax re-crystallising. This natural process won’t affect the performance of the candle, and is proof that our candles are chemical free, allowing for a cleaner burn and a healthier choice for your space.

    Let it burn 

    To get the best performance out of your candle, please follow our care instructions.

    Soy has memory, and patience is everything. The way you burn your first light will impact future burns. If you let your candle burn until it covers the entire surface of the glass, a pool of wax will form and set you up for an even and consistent glow, preventing a hole in the candle.

    Our vessel glass jars and travellers tins have been manufactured to withstand heat, however it's important to follow our housekeeping instructions below, along with the candle warning labels, and consider using our Maks & Me tools for the ultimate in candle care (you’ll thank us later!).



    This will set you up for an even consistent glow that will help prevent tunnelling (hole in the candle).


    • Remove paper dust cover before use and recycle.
    • Always trim your wick 5mm before each light .This helps to create a calm and gentle flame. If not trimmed, your candle will smoke and encourage a quicker burn due to the “mushroom tip” formed on your wick.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or wind drafts. Both will discolour your candle and it will lose its scent.
    • Never burn your candle near anything flammable.
    • Always keep the wick centered /aligned . Do not allow the flame to touch the sides of the vessel.
    • Avoid burning your candle for longer than 3hrs at a time. This helps to prevent a large flame and in some cases your tumbler jar overheating, cracking and shattering. Stop use when close to 15mm of wax remains.

    • Place the candle on a stable, level, and heat resistant surface.

    • Keep away from your little babies and fur babies.
    • Never leave your candle unattended.
    • Keep in mind: Due to the nature of soy wax it's perfectly normal for the soy wax to change its shade to a murky grey post burns.



    Our kraft brown labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. FSC certified, made with paper from well managed forests.

    We recommend displaying your candle away from wet areas as this will cause streaking to your label.

    How to Reuse Your Candle Jar

    In case you can’t tell, we are all about reusable, sustainable and ethical practices. One of the best ways to partner with us in our quest to lower our carbon footprint is to reuse your candle jars for a cool and creative purpose. Once your jar is clean (see cleaning instructions below), it can be reused for almost anything in your space.

    Some creative ideas we love:

    • Displaying kitchen utensils
    • Holding stationary
    • Storing makeup brushes
    • A cute vase for your florals
    • To grow plant cuttings
    • Store bathroom essentials
    • Hold tea or coffee bags
    • Keep wrapped candy


    How to Clean Your Candle Jar

    How to easily clean your candle vessel.

    ✖️Never burn your candle past the 1/2 inch mark( sorry i work in inches ) as there’s not enough wax to support the burn, this may result in the vessel overheating and in some cases can shatter✖️

    •Before cleaning out your vessel light the remainder of the wax, blow it out till it’s a creamy smooth consistency.

    •Commit to metal and spoon out the soft wax onto a paper towel once cleaned discard the paper towel in the bin (NEVER POUR WAX DOWN THE DRAIN as it will CLOG)

    • Rinse out with warm soapy water, towel dry and VOILA.








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